Those who visit Tulunda Sten's Farm will experience quality of life in symbiosis with nature and due to the activities offered. When you leave Tulunda Sten's Farm, you will feel relaxed and a strong desire to return soon.

Tulunda Sten's Farm will be a resource for modern man's need to experience closeness to animals, nature and physical activity through to be involved in activities such as farm management, hunting, fishing, cooking, etc. We feel that this is supported by assuring distance to everyday must-haves and continuous on-line connectivity. Our aim is that all visitors / customers should experience a feeling of wellbeing and quality of life during their stay, a feeling that will last and that will be a resource to cope with daily demands.

I am a trained health therapist with a long experience of working in a variety of industries, companies and organizations. My specialties in addition to health are project management and educations. I am passionate about healthy living in a healthy environment and I would like to share this with you.

I am an accountant with a background in banking. The forest is my passion and I see my work in the forest as my life's work, which I can proudly create for future generations.
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