On our farm, Tulunda Stens, we have found our lovely little spot. Tulunda Sten's farm is located in Hultsfred Municipality in the beautiful Emådalen. The farm dates back to the mid-1600s. Tulunda Stens farm has over the years been a gathering place for village people, perhaps due to the fact that many of the inhabitants of Tulunda been more or less related to each other. Many of the seniors remembered Carolina at "Stensgården" during the 1800ths later part as one of the most hospitable housewives, who always had "dinner table in front" when someone came.

The buildings are timber and the big house first plane was built in the early 1800ths and a second plane was built in 1860. Grandfather cottage, was built in the early 1700s and was completely renovated in 1990. On the farm there are also storehouse, pigsties, carpenter shop and a barn.

Here we live together with our animals and the key word is quality of life. The quality of life that we experience is something we would like to share with you, who are visiting us at Tulunda Stens. At Tulunda Stens you can hunt, fish, take part of the farm chores and animals, exercising and eating good and healthy (it could be both), or just enjoy life. Here you will experience the silence and comfort of the countryside in Småland, take part of activities in symbiosis with nature and you re-load your batteries.
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